X-931 Wheel Aligner

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X-931 contactless wheel aligner, quickly scans a vehicle and gets alignment data without labor required, boosts your productivity and accelerates your alignment business.




1. Applied the advanced technology of Laser Imaging

2. 5 times faster than the traditional 3D Wheel Aligner

3. Unnecessary to perform the vehicle-pushing compensation operation

4. Without any component touching with the vehicle tire or wheel rim

5. Unnecessary to mount and demount the Wheel Clamps and the targets

6: Complete Database

– Superior OEM database of wheel alignment data and method

– Additional vehicle data can be added by users

– Scan QR code and get access to LAUNCH platform, check equipment information and send product feedback

Software interface



Alignement Parameters Measurement Range
Total Toe-in ±20°
Individual Toe-in ±10°
Camber ±8°
Caster ±20°
Kingpin inclination ±20°
Trust Angle ±5°


1 review for X-931 Wheel Aligner

  1. admin

    Fascinating technology!

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